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Become a Parent with Las Vegas Egg Donation Agency

Egg Donation –

The process in which one woman donates her Egg, also known as an Oocyte (genetic material) to another woman for the purposes of implantation using In-Vitro Fertilization.

Become a Parent in 5 Steps:

Here at Las Vegas Egg Donation, we know how important it is to you to become a parent, which is why we ensure that each and every detail is covered. Starting from your first consultation with our Egg Donation Case Managers, all the way to making certain you are ready for your baby’s birth. The first two steps can be taken at your own pace and in whichever order makes you feel more comfortable. We can also help guide you through the egg donation selections on our database as well and send you some Donors we think you would like. Just reach out to us, we are happy to help.

Step 1: Complete your profile & selection of your Egg Donor

We know that this step can be time consuming and seem a little personal, but it is an important one – as it will aid our Egg Donation Case Managers in determining which of our Egg Donors is the right fit for you.

During this phase of your journey, your Egg Donation Case Manager will be available every step of the way to make certain you are aware of what is next and help you get started with Egg Donation.

Step 2: Schedule your consultation with our Egg Donation Case Managers

This step of the process is to make sure that you understand what it takes to become a parent with Las Vegas Egg Donation Agency, and to determine what your specific needs are before the egg donation process begins. LVED wants to ensure that you are completely educated on the process and are comfortable before beginning the rest of your Egg Donation journey.

Step 3: Execution of Documents

During this step you will start the legal process of becoming a parent with Egg Donation. Not only will you sign a retainer with our office, you will also have a contract review with your attorney and sign all of the necessary documents.

Step 4: Begin IVF medical cycle

Now that you have been matched, medical screening has taken place, and legal documents with your Egg Donor have been completed; the Donor and Intended Mother’s/Surrogate’s cycles are now synchronized by the IVF physician. Following the synchronization and several weeks of medications, there will be an embryo transfer, and your pregnancy test results will be about 10-12 days later.

Step 5: What to expect now that you are expecting!

This is an exciting time for you as you are waiting for the birth of your baby!

From the beginning to the very end, Las Vegas Egg Donation will be there to provide you with guidance, support and the expertise that you need during this time. Congratulations! You deserve it!

Why you should choose Las Vegas Egg Donation Agency?

No Excessive Fees!

We work to provide you with the best possible outcome without all of the hassle and excessive fees charged by so many other agencies.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing Structure!

We offer a transparent view of our pricing structure so parents can be sure they aren’t being charged mystery fees and can save up for their new addition to the family. Our premium package offers even more security for parents seeking extra assurances.

Everyone deserves the chance at having a family!

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at having a family, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, race, or religion.

We work with all reputable IVF Clinics!

We work hand in hand with all reputable IVF clinics to ensure that your journey is as stress-free as possible. No matter where they are located.

Comprehensive Egg Donor Database and Partner Agencies Database Program

We are partnered with a number of other Egg Donor Agencies so that you get a larger sample of egg Donors to choose from.

Discounts for the following:

Families in the military, teachers, law enforcement officers, first responders, and cancer survivors.

Egg Donation Costs

At LVED we believe that being transparent with our fees helps parents plan out their Egg Donation journey and know what to expect, which makes the entire process less stressful for them. No unexpected agency fees or surprises. Follow the links for an expanded view of our estimated egg donation cost sheet and the packages we offer at LVED to help offer parents even more peace of mind during their Egg Donation cycle

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