“Hey Phone, search: Egg Donation Near Me”

Looking for an Egg Donation Agency that’s located near you?

With the rise of voice to type systems and hands free assistants, there has been an increase is the number of searches for “egg donation near me” but is it really necessary to limit your egg donor search to only local donors and local egg donation agencies? At Las Vegas Egg Donation our Egg Donation Near You Program is designed to help you find the perfect Egg Donor for your family, no matter where they are located. We specialize in finding and connecting egg donors and parents from across the country. Continue down the page for more detailed information on how we bring parents and donors together.

How we connect Egg Donors and Parents:

Our comprehensive egg donor database is how we connect parents and egg donors at our agency. We update our database weekly to make sure that our information about our egg donors is up to date. Our staff is also a crucial element in the process. They make sure to get everyone where they need to be, at the right time, for the retrieval to take place.

What if the Donor doesn’t live near the Clinic?

Not to worry. We have come up with a great system for getting egg donors to and from the clinics they need to be at while keeping costs lower for parents. We do this by having outside monitoring done by a clinic near where your egg donor lives, at the parents request. This way she does not have to travel for initial testings and screenings and we can keep the cost to parents at a minimum.

How does it work?

Our fantastic team will coordinate with the clinic that the Intended Parents are working with and with the egg donor. We will schedule and book all of the necessary travel and accommodations for the chosen egg donor and her travel companion (if she would like one). Our team will manage the travel and make sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time and that all necessary planning and paperwork is already completed.

Do Parents or Donors need to live near Las Vegas?

No, we can still handle the entire process for both parents and egg donors that do not live in Las Vegas or Nevada. By expanding our scope of service to the entire country, we can connect more parents and donors that would otherwise have to remain local. This service allows parents to find the right egg donor for them and their family, not just one that is close by. For egg donors, this increases your chances of being chosen by parents quicker and empowering your future with egg donation.

Will this increase the cost to parents?

There will be no increase in your Agency fees from Las Vegas Egg Donation when choosing this option. The only increase will come from the travel expenses required to get your chosen egg donor to and from your IVF clinic of choosing. Theses travel expenses will be at cost to you. No up-charges or hidden fees snuck in there. Our team will also send parents a customized estimated travel expenses fee sheet to help them plan for the cost. Our goal is to provide this service at the lowest cost to parents so our team will also try and utilize accommodation and travel bundles, discounts, etc., to keep the expense at a minimum.

How does this effect the retrieval for Egg Donors?

A Donor would have to plan out in advance for the travel for the egg retrieval. This could include scheduling time off with work or getting child-care during this time (if applicable). During the travel for the retrieval and the potential initial clinic visit the egg donor will be allowed one companion to come with her during the trip. The travel expense (for egg donor and companion) and related expenses will be paid for by the intended parents. None of these expenses will paid by the egg donor. For more information on becoming an egg donor with LVED click the link below: