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No longer do Parents and Egg Donors need to be in the same city:

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Become an Egg Donor from your phone.

With our Egg Donation Near You Program, our team will be able to match you with someone who fits your criteria and needs instead of prioritizing their proximity to you or your clinic.
For Parents this increases your scope of search to the entire USA because your ideal Egg Donor might not always live close by and for Egg Donors this means that your potential to get matched is significantly increased no matter your location.

Our Transparent Pricing Structure and Optional Premium Package

A few of the ways LVED works to make sure your Egg Donation Journey is as simple and affordable as possible.

Egg Donation estimated costs

Transparent Pricing Structure

To help parents plan ahead for their Egg Donation journey, we offer a transparent fee sheet that explains the estimated costs associated with using Egg Donation. Click the link below to find out more about our Egg Donation Cycle estimated fee sheet.

Optional Premium Package Available

Our premium package offers parents even more peace of mind during their Egg Donation cycle while still providing all of the same features as our standard package. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Become a Parent with Las Vegas Egg Donation Agency

Your Path to Parenthood

Becoming a parent with Egg Donation is simpler than you may expect. All that it takes are the following 5 easy steps:

1. Complete your profile and select your Egg donor

2. Schedule your consultation with Our Team

3. Execution of the necessary Documents

4. Begin I.V.F. Treatment

5. Your baby is on the way! – What to expect now that you are expecting!

Why Choose Us?

Las Vegas Egg Donation is dedicated to helping build your family through the use of assisted reproduction technologies (ART). Our affordable egg donation agency is currently working remotely during these challenging times but has perfected the use of online communication to continue helping couples and individuals create their families. Our egg donor database is growing every day with dedicated women who are willing to give the gift of a family to someone in need. If you need help please don’t hesitate to give us a call, email or text.